Monday, 23 June 2014

Regency Men on Monday - Colonel Brandon

Today I'm talking about Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility. He is such a wonderfully honourable man and he soooo loves Marianne. I'm torn between which TV/movie adaption version of Brandon I like the best. I mean Alan Rickman is fantastic in everything he acts in, but David Morrissey made my heart beat that little bit faster. Forget the Walking Dead, that man rocks breeches and top boots. So I hate to drop Rickman into second place but David Morrissey wins. Also the BBC adaption version had Brandon duelling with Willoughby, Nothing like a man with a sword in his hand to make me go all weak at the knees. So today's blog is going to be dedicated to gratuitous photos of David Morrissey as Colonel Brandon

A man who loves animals...swoon

This is the screensaver on my ipad... you can see why.

I really don't see what Elinor sees in Edward Ferrars

If she doesn't want you, I'll happily oblige, Colonel.

OK, clearly he doesn't love all animals but a man has to eat,

Looking all heartbroken. I would gladly mend his broken heart

Aw shucks, I do love a happy ending

And the last ones are just gratuitous photos because they happened to be on my hard drive. 

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